About us

ROYAL FUZZYPANTS Akita Inu kennel in Lithuania

Our Moto - Maintenance of high quality breeding while keeping best interest of the dog well being.

Our Mission - To breed AKITA INU dog breed , keeping high standard of this breed according to character (our dogs bred don't have aggression issues) ,exterior and other characteristic that this breed is associated with. We are against the crossbreeding or incest.

Our Vision - To be Known in the world as one of the best AKITA INU dog breeders.

Royal Fuzzypants *LT cattery was recognized by FCI in 2018 by Lithuanian associate club Auksinis Fazanas.

It is not a business type kennel and not our livelihood, we just like animals and especially these breed. We are Mum Rasa and daughter Eva , we love to stay surrounded by pets ,to take care of them, to broaden our knowledge while traveling abroad to the seminars and special shows. We will always try to answer to all the questions that should occur associated with this breed or our pets. We try to set a close friendship with all new owners of our pets bred, these furry friends are very important to us, it's our babies that we took care from the first day, for this reason we are giving our babies only to the good and responsible hands.